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Models repository catalogued by title

Title ID
3D tree branching model branching1
A hierarchy of hexagonal tilings hex_levels
Age-class model of population dynamics, one compartment per age class ageclass4
Age-class model of population dynamics, using a multiple-instance submodel and an association submod ageclass6
Age-class model of population dynamics, using multiple-instance submodel ageclass5
Allocating labour by task priority labour_by_priority1
Animal movement and interaction with their environment AntsWorld
Area covered in “flowers” flowers1
Area covered in “flowers” compared with logistic growth model flowers2
Assigning rank order to the instances of a population submodel ranking1
Banker/broker/consumer multi-agent model dave1
Basic animal/particle movement model move1
Biome model biome1
Broomgrass model, Zimbabwe broomgrass1
Budworm population dynamics budworm1
Century model (from Cadisch/Rowe): century_gc_daily
Century model (weekly) (from Cadisch/Rowe) century_gc_weekly
Conway's Game of Life Life
Daisy world daisyworld1
Data-specified association between instances of the same submodel data_specified_assoc2
Data-specified association between two different submodels data_specified_assoc1
Defining an association using a data file assoc_from_data1
Drainage pattern drainage1
Dynamic changes in the proportion of vegetation in different states vegproportions1
Elementary two-state Markov model of land-use dynamics markov1
Embryo morphogenesis embryo1
Food-web modelling: two trophic layers feeding1
Generating prime numbers: graphical programming with Simile Primes
Individual particle based diffusion model diffusion
Individual-based model of population dynamics indivpop1
Individual-based model of population dynamics with movement of individual animals animal1
Iterative solution to Ball-Berry stomatal conductance simultaneous equations (Simile V3+) ballberry1
Iterative solution to Ball-Berry stomatal conductance simultaneous equations (Simile V4+) BallBerry4a
Joe Landsberg’s 3PG physiologically-based model of forest production 3pg1
Johad model johad
Lagrangian particle movement lagrangian1
LAMOS: a Landscape Modelling Shell lamos1
Land-use dynamics - demonstration model landuse1
Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model (Seppelt and Richter, 2005) predator_prey32
Lotka-Volterra two-species competition model competition1
Marine carbon dynamics marinecarbon1
Model of homeostatic regulation of body temperature homeostasis1
Model of plant dark respiration as an exponential function of temperature parameterised by Q10 respirationQ10
Modelling chemical reactions: CO2 + H2O → Sugar and O2 chemical1
ModMED n-species vegetation biomass dynamics modmed1
Mono Lake, California: 1st model mono1
Mono Lake, California: 2nd model mono2
Mono Lake, California: 3rd model mono3
Multi-agent model for the quantitative study of Spatial Organization SpatialOrg
Multi-species competition model grace1
One-compartment mixing process Muller1-1a
Physiologically-based model of plant resource dynamics cheeseman1
Population dynamics: single species: age class: separate compartments popdyn2
Population dynamics: single species: chaotic chaos
Population dynamics: single species: exponential: version 1 popdyn1
Population dynamics: single species: sexual reproduction super_x
Predation rates in a multiple prey species/multiple predator species system nprey_npred
Project evaluation in cyclical markets npv1
Representing links between a number of countries, using an association submodel country_links1
S-shaped (logistic) growth of a company cogrowth1
Simple degree-days model of temperature influence on development of plants and invertebrates DegreeDays1
Simple model of animal movement hunter1
Simple teaching model of forest nitrogen dynamics besn1
Skeleton cohort model cohort1
Solar radiation incident at the earth's surface SolarRadiationDNDC
Spatial diffsion over a grid: using an array to handle interactions between cells gridspread1
Spatial diffsion over a hexagonal grid hexagon
Spatial n-state Markov model of vegetation dynamics or land-use change markov2
Stomatal conductance by law of limiting functions after Jarvis JarvisStomatalConductance
Thornthwaite equation to estimate potential evaporation (PET) Thornthwaite
Two-compartment mixing process Muller1-1b
Urban model (trivial example) edinburgh1
Water submodel for the biome model (1) biomewater1
Water submodel for the biome model (2) biomewater2