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Biome model

Model : biome1
Simile version : 3.1+
Date added : 2003-06-20
Keywords : Ecophysiology ; Soil water dynamics ; Plug-and-play modularity ;


This is closely based on the Prentice and ... Biome model, which aims to model the response of vegetation dynamics to climate change under conditions of water strees. The vegetation does not include any state variables (compartments). This is because the response is assessed in terms of net primary productivity (Pnet), rather than in terms of the consequent accumulation of biomass.

Note that the 'Vegetation Type' submodel is a multiple-instance submodel. This is to enable the model to simulate the response of several types of vegetation.

The original reason for implementing this model in Simile was to demonstrate Simile’s capabilities for plug-and-play modularity. For this purpose, two versions of the soil water submodel were developed: the original one from the Prentice and .... paper, which had a state variable for each of two soil layers, and a made-up artificial alternative, with a single state variable, which was then used to calculate the amount of water in each of the two layers. It is the second version which is included with this model.


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