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Model repository catalogued by date added

Date added ID Title
2011-05-24 cohort1 Skeleton cohort model
2007-03-03 nprey_npred Predation rates in a multiple prey species/multiple predator species system
2007-01-10 johad Johad model
2005-09-30 predator_prey32 Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model (Seppelt and Richter, 2005)
2005-02-02 drainage1 Drainage pattern
2004-11-25 BallBerry4a Iterative solution to Ball-Berry stomatal conductance simultaneous equations (Simile V4+)
2004-11-22 SolarRadiationDNDC Solar radiation incident at the earth's surface
2004-11-21 Muller1-1b Two-compartment mixing process
2004-11-21 JarvisStomatalConductance Stomatal conductance by law of limiting functions after Jarvis
2004-11-19 hex_levels A hierarchy of hexagonal tilings
2004-10-27 Muller1-1a One-compartment mixing process
2004-10-21 npv1 Project evaluation in cyclical markets
2004-10-21 century_gc_weekly Century model (weekly) (from Cadisch/Rowe)
2004-10-21 century_gc_daily Century model (from Cadisch/Rowe):
2004-10-20 AntsWorld Animal movement and interaction with their environment
2004-10-19 Life Conway's Game of Life
2004-10-19 Primes Generating prime numbers: graphical programming with Simile
2004-10-18 DegreeDays1 Simple degree-days model of temperature influence on development of plants and invertebrates
2004-01-05 SpatialOrg Multi-agent model for the quantitative study of Spatial Organization
2003-09-11 chaos Population dynamics: single species: chaotic
2003-09-11 super_x Population dynamics: single species: sexual reproduction
2003-09-06 Thornthwaite Thornthwaite equation to estimate potential evaporation (PET)
2003-09-05 respirationQ10 Model of plant dark respiration as an exponential function of temperature parameterised by Q10
2003-07-27 ballberry1 Iterative solution to Ball-Berry stomatal conductance simultaneous equations (Simile V3+)
2003-07-15 flowers2 Area covered in “flowers” compared with logistic growth model
2003-06-26 mono1 Mono Lake, California: 1st model
2003-06-26 mono2 Mono Lake, California: 2nd model
2003-06-26 mono3 Mono Lake, California: 3rd model
2003-06-26 flowers1 Area covered in “flowers”
2003-06-25 cogrowth1 S-shaped (logistic) growth of a company
2003-06-25 vegproportions1 Dynamic changes in the proportion of vegetation in different states
2003-06-25 move1 Basic animal/particle movement model
2003-06-25 modmed1 ModMED n-species vegetation biomass dynamics
2003-06-25 markov2 Spatial n-state Markov model of vegetation dynamics or land-use change
2003-06-25 markov1 Elementary two-state Markov model of land-use dynamics
2003-06-25 marinecarbon1 Marine carbon dynamics
2003-06-20 landuse1 Land-use dynamics - demonstration model
2003-06-20 daisyworld1 Daisy world
2003-06-20 country_links1 Representing links between a number of countries, using an association submodel
2003-06-20 competition1 Lotka-Volterra two-species competition model
2003-06-20 chemical1 Modelling chemical reactions: CO2 + H2O → Sugar and O2
2003-06-20 cheeseman1 Physiologically-based model of plant resource dynamics
2003-06-20 budworm1 Budworm population dynamics
2003-06-20 broomgrass1 Broomgrass model, Zimbabwe
2003-06-20 branching1 3D tree branching model
2003-06-20 biomewater2 Water submodel for the biome model (2)
2003-06-20 biomewater1 Water submodel for the biome model (1)
2003-06-20 biome1 Biome model
2003-06-20 besn1 Simple teaching model of forest nitrogen dynamics
2003-06-20 assoc_from_data1 Defining an association using a data file
2003-06-20 animal1 Individual-based model of population dynamics with movement of individual animals
2003-06-20 ageclass6 Age-class model of population dynamics, using a multiple-instance submodel and an association submod
2003-06-20 ageclass5 Age-class model of population dynamics, using multiple-instance submodel
2003-06-20 ageclass4 Age-class model of population dynamics, one compartment per age class
2003-06-20 data_specified_assoc1 Data-specified association between two different submodels
2003-06-20 feeding1 Food-web modelling: two trophic layers
2003-06-20 lamos1 LAMOS: a Landscape Modelling Shell
2003-06-20 lagrangian1 Lagrangian particle movement
2003-06-20 labour_by_priority1 Allocating labour by task priority
2003-06-20 indivpop1 Individual-based model of population dynamics
2003-06-20 popdyn1 Population dynamics: single species: exponential: version 1
2003-06-20 popdyn2 Population dynamics: single species: age class: separate compartments
2003-06-20 hunter1 Simple model of animal movement
2003-06-20 diffusion Individual particle based diffusion model
2003-06-20 homeostasis1 Model of homeostatic regulation of body temperature
2003-06-20 dave1 Banker/broker/consumer multi-agent model
2003-06-20 data_specified_assoc2 Data-specified association between instances of the same submodel
2003-06-20 edinburgh1 Urban model (trivial example)
2003-06-20 3pg1 Joe Landsberg’s 3PG physiologically-based model of forest production
2003-06-20 embryo1 Embryo morphogenesis
2003-06-20 grace1 Multi-species competition model
2003-06-20 gridspread1 Spatial diffsion over a grid: using an array to handle interactions between cells
2003-06-20 hexagon Spatial diffsion over a hexagonal grid
2003-06-05 ranking1 Assigning rank order to the instances of a population submodel