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Mono Lake, California: 2nd model

Model : mono2
Simile version : 3.1+
Date added : 2003-06-26
Keywords : Lake model ; Mono Lake, California ; Lumped model ; Water ;


Mono Lake is a lake in the Sierra Nevada, California, that was used to supply water to Los Angeles, and is also of considerable ecological importance. This is the first of a series of models developed as a teaching exrcise to explore the effects of different policies for water extraction.

This model uses a single compartment to represent the amount of water in the lake, with inflows representing precipitation, flow in past diversion points and other sources; and flows out for evaporation and other losses (extraction).

This model differs from the first in that the surface area of the lake now depends on the volume of water in the lake, rather than being assumed to be constant.

Source: Andrew Ford (1999): Modelling the Environment, p.40

dW/dt = P+F+O-E-X
P = p*sa
E = e*sa
F = r-ex

W = water in lake
P = precipitation
F = fl = ow past diversion points
O = other flow in
E = evaporation
X = extraction
p = precipitation rate
sa = surface area
e = evaporation rate
r = sierra gauged runoff
ex = export


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	water in lake
	Initial value = 2228
	Comments: Amount of water in lake, KAF (thousand acre-feet)

	evaporation = surface_area*evaporation_rate
	Comments: thousand acre-feet/year

	flow past diversion points = sierra_gauged_runoff-export
	Comments: thousand acre-feet/year

	other in = 47.6
	Comments: thousand acre-feet/year

	other out = 33.6
	Comments: thousand acre-feet/year

	precipitation = surface_area*precipitation_rate
	Comments: thousand acre-feet/year

	surface area = graph(water_in_lake)
	Comments: thousand acre

	evaporation rate = 3.75
	Comments: feet/year

	export = 100
	Comments: thousand acre-feet/year

	precipitation rate = 0.667
	Comments: feet/year

	sierra gauged runoff = 150
	Comments: thousand acre-feet/year





Ford, A (1999) Modeling the Environment.
Island Press. p.40