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Simile documentation and help

What’s new?

New features of Simile versions 6 and 7. The latest version of this help can be found online at

Getting started: how to build and run a simple model

Learn basic techniques for working with model diagrams, adding equations, running models and displaying the results

Graphical modelling in Simile

Introduction to Simile's graphical language, components and associated concepts

Working with model diagrams

Zooming; changing what is displayed; changing scale; printing

Working with equations

How to formulate equations; functions; sketched-graph and tabulated relationships

Working with submodels

Types of submodel; saving submodels as models; loading submodels from file; plug-and-play modularity

Running models

Preparing a model for running; running the model; displaying results

Working with external data

Loading parameter values, time-series data and other values into a model at run time: the scenario file mechanism


            Writing scripts to automate repetitive tasks or to batch model simulations

Working with files

Opening and saving models, exporting model code and graphics