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Step-by-step tutorials

We present a number of step-by-step tutorials to help you get to know the Simile visual modelling environment.

The first tutorial introduces you to basic Simile techniques. You should work through it before trying the others, since they generally assume that you have done this. The remaining tutorials can be tackled in any order, depending on your interests.


Name Description Author Level Simile topics PDF
Bank account Introduction to basic operations involved in building and running a Simile model Robert Muetzelfeldt 0 Editing model diagram
Building the model
Setting up output displays
Running the model
Saving and loading models
Predator-prey Classic model of predator-prey dynamics, with some modifications to improve biological realism Robert Muetzelfeldt 1 Multiple-compartment models
Sketch-graph relationships
Trees Individual-based modelling of the growth and population dynamics of a stand of trees Robert Muetzelfeldt 1 Working with submodels Population submodel
Customised displays