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European Journal of Agronomy : The Simile visual modelling environment

For an overview of Simile, and in particular its application to agro-ecological simulation models, the best place to start is a recent article in the European Journal of Agronomy, entitled “The Simile visual modelling environment”. The Simile visual modelling environment - 275 kB

Getting to know Simile

For a more detailed view of Simile, and the motivation behind it, the best place to start is with the document “Getting to know Simile”. Getting to know Simile download - 715 kB

This document also contains several examples of how various ecological modelling topics are tackled in Simile, including the modelling of energy flow in ecosystems, population dynamics, and landuse change.

European Commission Directorate-General for Research :
Position paper on declarative modelling

Dr. Robert Muetzelfeldt, an honorary fellow of the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, and a founder of Simulistics Ltd., was commissioned by the European Commission Directorate-General for Research, Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems, to prepare a “Position paper on declarative modelling in ecological and environmental research”. This paper is a comprehensive analysis of the merits of declarative modelling, and the opportunities it presents. Position paper on declarative modeling - 981 kB

How Simile Works

Here is a document explaining how Simile constructs and executes the programs that run its models. We hope that this will serve to elucidate the behaviour of models containing combinations of Simile's special features. “How Simile Works”. How Simile Works - 559 kB

Manual for PEST Freeware parameter estimation tool

Since version 4.5, Simile includes a graphical tool to allow parameter estimation to be carried out using PEST from within Simile's model execution environment. This enables Simile users to do various kinds of model analysis without needing to know about PEST's file formats etc. The following link does have the PEST manual (5)
and an addendum.


These presentations are provided, “as is”, in case they may be found useful. They were made for Simile version 3 and so the screen shots are out of date, however, the concepts remain the same.

On-line help

Comprehensive documentation of the Simile visual modelling software is provided with the software help file, which is also available to browse on-line. Help material under development for the next version of Simile is here.