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Table of contents

Ecological modelling with Simile: 2

Part A Introduction to submodels

Submodels can be used for...

Types of submodel

Submodels for visual grouping

Part B Submodels for modular modelling

Submodels for modular modelling

Modular modelling: step 1

Modular modelling: step 2

Modular modelling: step 3

Modular modelling: step 4

Modular modelling: step 5

Modular modelling: step 6

Part C Multiple-instance submodels

Submodels for multiple things

Arrays and lists: notation, functions and operations

Using an array to handle the interactions between submodel instances

Size-class modelling (1) -
   not using submodels

Size class modelling (2) -
   using a submodel

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Further information:
This is the second of a series of five presentations that have been used in Simile training courses. Last updated July 2003. Some small differences from current Simile, mainly in the appearnce of the graphical user interface.

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