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LAMOS: a Landscape Modelling Shell

Model : lamos1
Simile version : 3.1+
Date added : 2003-06-20
Keywords : Land-use change ; Spatial modelling ; Association submodel ; Fire modelling ; LAMOS ;


"LAMOS is a landscape modelling environment, designed to allow users to explore the role of different processes (such as vegetation dynamics and fire spread)in the dynamics of landscapes with the minimum of programming effort." It is based on a modular approach, with each module being implemented through programming. The aim of the Simile implementation is to explore the extent to which the submodels in LAMOS can be implemented and integrated within Simile’s visual modelling environment. (It does not set out to complete reproduce all the detail of a LAMOS model.)

One of the originators of LAMOS has commented that the Simile version is a single (monlithic) model, whereas LAMOS was specifically designed to support plug-and-play modularity. In fact, Simile does support plug-and-play modularity, and some of the submodels in this Simile version do correspond closely to the equivalent modules in LAMOS. A couple do not (fire spread and seed dispersal). It would be interesting to undertake a formal comparison of the relative merits of LAMOS and Simile for supporting this aspect of the modelling process.

A teaching handout on several simple land-use models, including this model, is available here.


Model file

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lamos1a.sml is based on a 15x15 grid.
lamos1b.sml is based on a 40x40 grid.


Two views of the model diagram. The first view shows the outline structure (submodels plus compartments and flows). The second view adds in all variables and influences. Concentrate on the right-hand side, which is rather more intuitive than the left-hand side, which is mainly concerned with fire modelling.

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