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Simple teaching model of forest nitrogen dynamics

Model : besn1
Simile version : 3.1+
Date added : 2003-06-20
Keywords : Nitrogen dynamics ; Basic System Dynamics ;


This is a very simple, generic model of nitrogen dynamics in a forest. It was developed as a teaching model, with very simple flow equations and arbitrary parameter values.


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	canopy: initial value = 0
	harvest: initial value = 0
	litter: initial value = 0
	wood: initial value = 0
	soil: initial value = 0

	flow1 = 0.9*canopy
	flow2 = 50
	flow3 = 0.9*canopy
	flow4 = 0.9*litter
	flow5 = 0.01*wood
	flow6 = 0.5*canopy
	flow7 = 0.5*soil
	flow8 = 0.01*soil