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Data-specified association between two different submodels

Model : data_specified_assoc1
Simile version : 3.1+
Date added : 2003-06-20
Keywords : Simile techniques ; Association submodel ; Fixed-membership submodel ;


This model demonstrates how to set up an association between submodel instances using a data file containing pairs of instances.

In this example, the association is between two separate submodels: 'household' and 'field'. The association can be considered as one of 'ownership' or 'access': i.e. it specifies which household has access to which field. Since the association is arbitrary, we need to specify it using pairs of (household,field) values.


Model file

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Equations in ../Desktop
       hs = [1,1,2]
       fs = [3,4,4]
Comment: This two arrays together specify that household 1 owns fields
         3 and 4, while household 2 owns field 4 (part ownership allowed!)

Equations in Household
       h = index(1)

Equations in Owns
     cond1 = any(var1 == [hs]and f == [fs])
            var1 = ../Household/h (from Household in owner)
            f    = ../Field/f (from Field in owned)
            [hs] = ../hs
            [fs] = ../fs

Equations in Field
variable:f = index(1)