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Daisy world Models exploring the supposed ability of life on planets to regulate conditions to suit itself
Dashed influence arrow Selecting "use values in same time step" in influence properties produces a dashed influence arrow. This means the destination can be evaluated before the source, provided they are done in the same program loop.
Degree-days Sum of product of time (days) and temperature above a lower threshold (degrees Celsius) for development of plants and invertebrates. Development stages of plants and invertebrates require a certain number of degree-days to complete.
Develoment, physiological Physiolgical development of organisms
Disaggregated population Splitting a population into subpopulations (spatial areas, age-classes, sex classes, etc)
Dummy instance If an association is used to define a hierarchy, it has an exclusive role for the 'child', which has only one 'parent'. But the individual at the top must also have a 'child' role, so a dummy association instance is added, typically connecting it to itself.