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Carbon dynamics Dynamics of pools of carbon (as in global change models)
Cellular automata Any system in which rules are applied to cells and their neighbors in a regular grid.
Chaotic behaviour Dynamic behaviour that is aperiodic and has the property that a small perturbation can cause a large change to subsequent values, making it unpredictable in the long term
Chemical reactions Modelling rates of chemical reactions, usually denoted by chemical equations
Climate change Typically, changes relating to the greenhouse effect
Cohort modelling Models a population as a set of cohorts, with each cohort being created at some point in time and having the attribute of the number of individuals in it.
Competition Competition between plant or animal species
Conditional submodel A submodel whose existence depends on some condition. May be single-instance, in which case it is either there or not there, or multi-instance, in which case only instances for some index values might exist. Association submodels are typically conditional.