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System Dynamics

C-ROADS Carbon Cycle model


This is a reimplementation of the carbon cycle components of Climate Interactive's C-ROADS model for exploring possible futures with man-made climate change. The original model includes data about the various economic blocs involved in climate negotiations, and simulations predicting their likely growth in population and GDP, allowing the effects of implementing various absolute or relative restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions to be estimated.


See the C-ROADS Reference Guide for model equations.


Try the SimiLive online implementation (see below) for results.


Banker/broker/consumer multi-agent model


 This model was developed in relation to the SLIE project (Sustainable Lifecycles for Information Ecosystems). That project is based on agent-based approaches: this model aims to explore the extent to which such models can be implemented in the Simile environment.

Model diagram Banker/broker/consumer multi-agent model association model



 Equations in submodel Bank

creation: initial number = 2
compartment: money = 100000
flow: revenue = 0.1*money
flow: allocation = 0
variable: bank ID = index(1)

Equations in submodel Consumer
creation: initial number = 4
compartment: money = 0
flow: allocation = 0
flow: expenditure = 100
variable: consumer ID = index(1)
variable: request = (if rand_var(0,1)<0.2 then 1 else 0)
variable: mediator chosen = greatest({mediator})
variable: bank = sum({bank})

Equations in submodel Mediator
variable: mediator ID = index(1)
variable: bank = -1*floor(rand(1,2.9999))

Equations in submodel CM
condition: condition = (rand_const(0,1)<0.5)
variable: request = (if mediator==mediator_chosen then request else 0)
variable: mediator = mediator_id
variable: mediator chosen = mediator_chosen [in submodel Consumer]
variable: bank = (if mediator==mediator_chosen then bank else 0)

Equations in submodel MB
condition: condition = (bank==bank_id)

Equations in submodel CB request
condition: condition = (bank==bank_id&&request>0)

Equations in submodel CB account
compartment: money = 0 


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