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Running models : Single window run time environment

The single-window Model Run Environment

Controlling a simulation and displaying results is performed within the Model Run Environment (MRE). The single-window MRE provides flexible self-contained access to all the controls needed to perform a simulation and to display the results.

It is divided into a number of sections. In the upper left corner is the "Run Control". In the lower left corner is a tabbed panel containing the model "Explorer". On the right hand side are four notebook pages, which can each contain one or more "helpers". Helpers are used to display the behaviour of a model whilst it is running, for example, a graph of a variable, or a data table. Helpers are also used to provide data for the model, for example, using "Input sliders".

To add a helper to a page, select the required helper from the "Add" menu. The three most commonly used helpers can be selected using these buttons on the tool bar:

the plotter;

the data table; and

the Input sliders.

The pages can be divided vertically or horizontally, to allow more than one helper to be display on each page, and pages can be added or removed. Once one or more helpers have been added to the pages, and are arranged as you wish, the configuration can be saved to a file, for use the next time the same model is built.

  • To save the current configuration of helpers, chose the "Save configuration…" item on the "File" menu, or use the save button on the tool bar.
  • To load a previously saved configuration of helpers, chose the "Load configuration…" item on the "File" menu, or use the open button on the tool bar.
  • A new configuration can be selected, to remove all the currently displayed helpers.

Arranging pages, and panes

Add notebook

Creates a new notebook, initially with four pages, in the current pane

Add notebook page

Adds a page to the notebook containing the current pane

Divide pane vertically or horizontally

Splits a pane into two new ones separated by a sash which can be dragged

Adding helpers

Add plotter


Add table


Add sliders


Add other helper

Manipulating layout

Copy display to clipboard

Copies helper window to Simile's clipboard; also copies its graphics to system clipboard for pasting into other graphical applications

Cut display to clipboard

As above but also removes helper window from the pane

Paste display from clipboard

Inserts a copy of the helper window from the clipboard to the current pane, with the same setup

Delete display or helper

Removes helper window from pane, or deletes pane if it is already empty

Print display contents Prints the graphics of the helper in the current pane

Saving and restoring configurations

New configuration

Sets MRE to its initial state of one notebook with four empty pages

Open configuration

Loads a previously saved configuration. Model components referred to by the helpers in the configuration should exist in the current model.

Save configuration

Saves a configuration for reloading later, or for inclusion in a model package.

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