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Spatially-explicit competition indices and the analysis of mixed-species plantings with the Simile modelling environment

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Journal Article


Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 233, Issue 2-3, p.295-302 (2006)


Acacia, Distance-dependent competition index, Eucalyptus, Individual-based modelling, Mixed-species, Powersim; Stella; Systems dynamics, Simile, Vensim


<p>Individual-based modelling and analysis of forest experiments has been made more accessible to researchers with the advent of modelling environments like Simile from www.<span class="hit">simulistics.</span>com. Individual-based analyses of tree growth data offer insights not possible with plot-based analyses, especially when the original experimental design has been compromised by mortality or other unforeseen events. The paper illustrates how Simile can be used for individual-based analyses of mixed plantings, and how it can be used to explore the consequences of the resulting statistical models. A mixed-species planting of <i>Eucalyptus pellita</i> and <i>Acacia peregrina</i> is used to illustrate possibilities.</p>