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Working with submodels : Multiple-instance submodels : Per-record submodels

Submodels with one instance per data record

It may be that you want to run your model with many different datasets, and these datasets each have different numbers of records which are supposed to correspond to instances of a submodel. Or perhaps you have nested submodels, where the membership of the inner submodel is different in each instance of the outer submodel, with the actual memberships being determined by the numbering of data records in a file.

For these cases, Simile provides the option of setting the number of instances according to the number of data points given for the fixed parameters within the model. To use this option, open the submodel properties dialogue and select the second radio button on the "Control of number of instances" panel, captioned "Using number of data records in file". The submodel will have the same border style as a population submodel, but should not contain any of the population control symbols. It must contain at least one fixed parameter.

When running the model, you must provide data for the fixed parameter(s). For each instance containing the per-record submodel, there must be at least one data item (the submodel must have at least one member) and the indices should run from 1 consecutively to the number of instances. You can have nested per-record submodels, possibly with the memberships of both the outer and inner submodels being set by the same parameter.

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