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Working with visualisation tools : Layers : 2-D Shapes

2-D Shape Layer


This layer tool is similar to the stand-alone 3-D shape viewer, but displays 2-D shapes in a layer rather than projected 3-D shapes. Whereas one instance of the 3-D shape viewer can display sets of shapes corresponding to several sets of model valriables, each instance of the shape viewer layer only displays a set for one group of model variables. If multiple sets of shapes are required, each one can be added in the same view as a separate layer.


The shapes that can be added are circle, ellipse or line. Each has a separate submenu entry for adding it, so once it is added, the modeller is prompted for the information that enables the display to be set up. X and Y co-ordinates are set from components in the model, or fixed numeric values can be entered in an input field. If a model component is chosen for the colour of a shape, the colour legend editor appears in order to record how the model values will be converted into colours for the corresponding components.