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Running models : Working with visualization tools : Edit sketch graph function

Standard helpers : edit sketch graph function

If your model contains equations that use the graph function, their function can be altered while the model is running. The tool for doing this appears as a helper, although it does not display values from the model or directly set them.

The helper is located in the "Standard tools" subdirectory menu and is called "Edit sketch graph function". Create an instance of the helper and click on the model component whose function you wish to alter. You will then see the same sketch graph editing window as when you originally created the sketch graph. You are able to drag the sketch line as well as edit the axis values and change the settings that control how the sketch is interpreted.

Any changes you make to the sketch graph function will take effect as soon as you hit the 'OK' button, but the helper will stay up until you delete it, allowing further changes to be made at any point. Note that the edited function will not be saved with the model. If you save the model after editing the sketch using the helper, it will keep the original version of the function. To change this you must go back to the equation dialogue and hit the "Graph" button.