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Running models : Multiple window run time environment

The multiple-window Model Run Environment

The multiple-window Run-Time Environment uses a separate window for the dialogue windows and displays concerned with running the model. There are the model diagram window, the Run Control, Sliders (if required) and helpers. Helpers are used to display the behaviour of a model whilst it is running, for example, a graph of a variable, or a data table.

In the multiple-window Run-Time Environment, the display helpers are selected from the "I/O Tools" menu of the model diagram window. Each time one is selected, another window is created, plus (in some cases) instructions for selecting the variables which are to be displayed by the helper. To remove a helper, close its window. Note that the "I/O Tools" menu appears only when a model has been built.

Note that this Model Run Environment is provided mainly for compatibility with earlier versions of Simile, and will be phased out with the release of Simile v7. Some old helpers may only function effectively in this environment, for example. Otherwise, the new single-window Model Run Environment should prove more flexible and convenient.

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