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Built-in functions: pulse function

New in v6.6. Note this function is provided purely for compatibility with continuous-only modelling tools, and new models should use squirts instead.

pulse function:

pulse(magnitude, first_time [, interval])

Generate a pulse with a duration of a single time step and a given cumulative value.

Result: the pulse waveform


magnitude: the cumulative value of the pulse. This will be the level change of a compartment due to a flow with this value coming into it.

first_time: The first, last or only time at which the pulse will occur

interval (optional) : If this is positive, the pulse will occur regularly with this interval after the initial time

If it is negative, the pulse will occur with this interval up until the initial time and not after

If zero or not present, the pulse will occur only once at the initial time

Example: pulse(20, 12, 5) generates a pulse value of 20/DT at time 12, 17, 22, etc.