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Working with model diagrams : Adding background pictures

Adding background pictures

There is limited support for including pictures on the model diagram.

To include a picture on the model diagram it can be in one of a wide range of formats, including gif, png  or jpeg format. An image can be placed on the diagram using the  image component, in which case it cannot overlap other components. Alternatively it can cover the whole desktop background, or a particular submodel. The image can be cropped, stretched or tiled to fit in the available space.

The following procedure is used to add a background image to the model diagram.

  • Firstly, if you wish to use a submodel as a placeholder, add a submodel of the desired size and shape, as described in Adding submodels.
  • Secondly, to add the picture, use the select tool to double-click within a blank area, within the submodel if you have added one, or if not, anywhere on the desktop. This invokes the submodel properties dialogue box. Then:
  1. Click the "Image…" button in the "Background shade" section.
  2. Browse your file system and select the picture you wish to use, which must be in gif or jpeg format, and click "Open".
  3. Select one of the "Tiled", "Centred" or "Scaled" radio buttons to control how it is positioned. "Tiled" or "Centred" will cause it to be cropped if it is larger in pixels than the space available.
  4. Click "OK" to return to the model window.

The selected picture will now appear in the background of the model, or on the model desktop. You can continue to work with the submodel exactly as normal. You can resize it, in which case the picture will be cropped, stretched or tiled as necessary, or add model diagram elements, which will appear in front of the picture.

The submodel's background colour, or whatever is behind it if it is transparent, will show through any transparent or low-alpha parts of the image.

Note that if the image is positioned centred (i.e., cropped if it is larger in pixels than the space available) the zoom commands do not affect the size of bitmaps (these are fixed in pixels). Therefore if a model diagram is zoomed in to higher magnification, the bitmap will appear smaller than before, relative to its placeholder.

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