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Working with model diagrams : Duplicating elements

Duplicating elements

You can make multiple copies of one or more elements. This can be quick when some parts of your model are similar to one another. Follow these basic steps.

  1. Click on the pointer tool on the tool bar.
  2. Click to select the element you wish to copy. If you wish to copy more than one element, hold down the Ctrl key whilst selecting the elements.
  3. Use the context menu (right-click) copy and paste commands.

The selected elements will be duplicated into an area where there is sufficient space to receive them. The elements will also receive new valid names to avoid clashing with the existing selection. The elements are selected ready to move to the desired position together.

Important! You should not need to duplicate groups of elements multiple times in Simile -- if you find yourself doing so, think about using a multi-instance submodel instead.

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