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Working with external data : Scenario file : Case 1

Case 1: providing a single value for a scalar (single-valued) variable

This case applies when the model requires just one value. In other words, the variable in question is not inside a multiple-instance submodel, and has not been declared to be an array.

Typical circumstances are:

  • for providing a parameter value;
  • for setting some context-specific value: e.g. soil type, elevation
  • for initialising the value of a compartment.

On the model diagram

  1. Open up the equation dialogue for the variable, by double-clicking on it.
  2. Click the radio button labelled "Fixed Parameter".
  3. Close the equation dialogue window.

Note that the variable now appears with a tail, showing the change in its status. Note also that it is black, even though you have not supplied a value for it.

When you come to run the model

Simile will produce a File Parameter dialogue window, and this will contain an entry for this variable.

  1. Click in the associated edit field, and type in a value.
  2. Click Save if you wish to save this setting (along with any others), and specify a file to save it in.
  3. Click OK when you wish to proceed with the simulation.

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