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Daisy world


This is an implementation of James Lovelock’s DaiyWorld model. This aims to show that even a very simple, artificial system is capable of regulating conditions to suit itself.

We consider a planet on which can grow black amd white daisies. Black daisies heat up the air around them; white daisies cool it down. The proportion of black and white changes as solar output increases, resulting in a reasonably uniform value for global planet temperature.

The original model is run with solar output increasing gradually over time. For each setting of solar output, the model is run until an equilibrium of black and white daisies is reached. This Simile version simulates the latter process: i.e. the dynamics of the daisy populations. To reproduce the analysis performed with the original model, you can simply change the value for solar output and run the model again, recording the final value of global temperature.

 Daisy world model Simile diagram



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