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Work continues on setting up the new Simulistics website.

We at Simulistics have decided  that it is high time to give a make over.

Replies (and other comments) should have descriptive titles

I've found the recent comments list useful but replies come up in the list out of context and very short titles like "yes" and "done" don't mean much. Descriptive titles that stand on their own would make the list more useful.

Problem with FCKeditor being used to edit settings

The FCKeditor being used to edit settings will be a recurrent problem unless we find a way to prevent it. It is a problem because it wraps text in <p></p> tags.

The FCK editor setting allow for disabling it for certain fields or paths. Conversely it can be enabled only for certain fields or paths. Perhaps we should try the latter. I don't know whether using fields or paths would eb better.

Tagging test of pathauto

Do we still see the preg-replace errors?

Added pathauto and token modules

Pathauto makes urls for content pages (nodes) according to rules administrators set up. But it gave a bunch of error messages when I posted blog entry Added tagaldelic module and gave it the url that is rubbish. So, I've disabled the module.

This is wanted for Tagging for blogs and Added tagaldelic module to give tag clouds.

Added tagaldelic module to give tag clouds

Particularly, I'd like to use it with the Model catalogue but it should be useful anyway.

Tag cloud blocks can be assigned by roles (user groups) initially but this isn't very flexible. Showing associated  tag clouds when viewing content is desirable. (E.g. a Model tag cloud when viewing the model catalogue.) To do this we need urls that catagorise content and so need the pathauto model.

Blogging about site development

I logged out to see how the site was looking to anonymous vistors and a very small amount of looking around had me swamped in blog entries about developing the site so I've installed the Added taxonomy access module (see blog entry). If blog entries are tagged with sitedev they are hidden from all but administrators (actually other roles are denied  access and any new roles (groups) will have to  have their  access  configured).

Any problems?

Added taxonomy access module

Drupal has built in access control for content types but we need finer control.

The first use is to solve the following problem. All blog entries (a content type) are viewable by all in the default system but we don't really want our site development blog entries cluttering up vistors view of the site. Access has been denied to all but administrators to view blog entries tagged with sitedev.

Taxonomy access module

Access control for user roles based on taxonomy categories (vocabulary, terms).

Model catalogue

I've started implementing the model catalogue.

Added a free form category for tagging models

We can use this for selecting groups of models.

Added a new Content type

Tagging for blogs

I created a category called Blog tags, to allow us to tag blogs. It's identical to Model tags as far as I can see, so maybe there should only be one tags category that include both content types.


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