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Group Web site admin

I've created a Web site admin group to contain Simulistics web site development and general administration information and discussion.

This groups replaces the sitedev blog tag in controlling access to web site development related blog entries. Instead of having to remember to enter sitedev in an empty tag box there is now  a set of check boxes in a new Audience section.  Content may be made available to any combination of groups and made public.

Added Projects and Project issues module

We could have a Simile project and even separate projects for helpers. Users could add them too. 

Problem adding a project though, even with some text in the "Full description" field, I get an error message telling me that a description is required.


Added Organic Groups module

Enable users to create and manage their own 'groups'. Each group can have subscribers, and maintains a group home page where subscribers communicate amongst themselves. They do so by posting the usual node types: blog, story, page, etc. A block is shown on the group home page which facilitates these posts. The block also provides summary information about the group. (More)

Enabled logging

Mark pointed out that the logs weren't updating. I've found out why -- logging wasn't enabled! It now is.

The Contact page

The standard Drupal contact page is linked to from the navigation menu. I filled in the main categories, sales, support and info. However, I think our old web site Contact page is superior. Addresses etc could be added to the Drupal version but we might as well just copy the old page over and use that. Also, I prefer to send email from my usual client rather than a form.

Providing a form for the email would be helpful if a regular mail client wasn't available. So perhaps a link to the Drupal Contact form should be added to the copy of the old Contact page?

Guided tour

I've been adding in the guided tour section of the old website, I still have to add in all the "Modelling methods". This section is very verbose and it has very high prominence on the website at the moment, perhaps it would work better in a documentation setting, or as a whitepaper download or something?

Simile v5.0 released

What's new in Simile v5.0?

Released December 2007

Simile 5.0 has the same fast response time when editing very large models as when editing small ones, and builds even the largest models (over 2000 components) in around a minute. It has adaptive step size control, for more efficient model execution. There are also a large number of other improvements and bug fixes. Here is a list of some of the more significant improvements that have been made over Simile v4.9:

Page type: 

Turned off the right hand side blocks when in the admin section

Many admin pages are wide and overlap with the  RHS blocks so I've disabled the blobs for the admin  section.

Clean URL's now on. Omitting /drupal

It wasn't on before because the test failed but I guessed that the problem might be the RewriteBase so checked the root Drupal .htaccess and changed it to /drupal (where Drupal is installed).

When the site goes live we want the urls not to include /drupal. I don't know what the difficulties with that will be.

Model tag pages are empty

The model tag pages, e.g. Fractals, are empty but filtering by tags works fine. The blog tag pages work OK.

Could you have a look Mark?



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