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Url alias to another alias

The "News" link in left hand navigation wasn't working, so I added in a new alias from news to category/article-type/news, then couldn't work out why this wasn't working. It's because the second "URL" is actually an alias, so if you type it in you go to the correct place, but it's not an internal drupal URL.

top 404 from logs

themes/garland/style.css,/drupal/sites/all/modules/fcked ...

comes up as the top "page not found" in the logs. It looks as if the "," either shouldn't be there (i.e. the comma plus what follows it shouldn't be there), or isn't being recognised. This isn't impacting on the site but it would be good if we could get rid of it. I'll look into it.

Guided tour

I've been adding in the guided tour section of the old website, I still have to add in all the "Modelling methods". This section is very verbose and it has very high prominence on the website at the moment, perhaps it would work better in a documentation setting, or as a whitepaper download or something?

Tagging test of pathauto

Do we still see the preg-replace errors?

Tagging for blogs

I created a category called Blog tags, to allow us to tag blogs. It's identical to Model tags as far as I can see, so maybe there should only be one tags category that include both content types.


I used the alias function to point "News" in the menu to /news, as opposed to at taxonomy/term/3. We'll be able to use this to keep all links from previous site valid, though putting them all in manually might take a while.

Using clean URLs

Just so I was familiar with the process of installing drupal, I set it up on my home machine. I was wondering why I couldn't enable clean URLs in Home > Administer > Site configuration > clean URLs, and found out that URL rewriting had to be enabled in apache, and this is one way of enabling URL rewrites. However, this required me to do some fiddling with apache2.conf, so I needed root access to do this. There are other ways of enabling it though and maybe we could use one of these on the simulistics host.

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