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Guided tour

I've been adding in the guided tour section of the old website, I still have to add in all the "Modelling methods". This section is very verbose and it has very high prominence on the website at the moment, perhaps it would work better in a documentation setting, or as a whitepaper download or something?


Thanks for adding the Guided tour (top level).

I've started to add tour/ to the start of the urls to match the old site.  When changing the urls the menus have to be change to the same url.

Good point about the content. I think that there is general agreement that the tour is too verbose. The content was taken from the document "Getting to Know Simile" and much the same information is in the first section of The Simile Book. The book should be available on the website, to read as pages and download as pdf etc. The tour should be introductory web based material and so punchy with  pictures.

The modelling approaches pages are quite concise but could do with links (some images) to models that  illustrate  the approach.