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Mysql connection error but prob wrong implementation. New page content needed ?

Segmentation Violation

I was attempting to replace the code in aparameter with one about fifty percent larger. After deleting the original and then replacing with the new code I get an error message "segmentation violation" when I strick OK. I also get a "cannot find channel named file17e1400"  The expanation was that Simile could not delete its temporary folder C:/Document...Jroger04/My Documents/My Simile file sim1125000.

Catagorical colors in Polygon map

Hi Jasper,

This used to work, but not anymore.  While trying to change to colours in the polygon display  to show catagorical changes rather then numerical changes, I get the following  error message:  (what can I do ?)

When loading the file simile adds another row named others.

After importing a file into a PEST RUN output file and then initiating the run. A pop-up appears saying that other is where a number should be and you get an error message.  When I go to the import and view the file it has an extra row called others and data use-last.  Usually when I fiddle long enough it will go away. I need help.

Current set-up



Although I tend to avoid doing this, I once again saved a model with the current set-up.  If I do that and want to open the model again, it does open the model diagram, it also opens the interface, but then it opens the welcome screen and goes into what looks like an infinite loop.  At some point it opens the welcome screen and if I click that away, it askes me if I want to close the program or wait for the process to end (it never does, so I tend to close the program)

Conditionally created lists and arrays.

I'm currently creatinfg a model that conditional constructs a large Hexagon grid.  The smallest grid contains 49601 hexagons and it takes about 60 - 75 minutes to compile.  Is there a way to capture this list so that it doesn't have to be compiles each time the model needs to be opened? Will snapshot do the trick?

Simile v5.94 released

We have released a new version of Simile in order to bring out a large number of very minor improvements and to ensure that the Evaluation Edition has a decent amount of time to run. The highlights are:

  • Improved handling of syntax errors in user-defined function files
  • Better management of favourite file paths
  • Time series parameters can be updated at intervals of any time unit

Current v5.x customers, please download and install this whenever convenient.


Increasing the length of a number fron 10 to 16

I have created a matix of hexigons or Tampa that numbers in the millions.  Each has an identifying number defined by a distance from a center point.  for example 26733.8887760666.  If not a neighbor the number would be 26733.8887761072.  They differ in the last five digets.  Is there some way to get around this.  Because Simile doesn't upload the last five digets I get 12 instead of 6 neighbors.

Attempting to set up login by reference to social networing sites

 I am at present attempting to configure the web site to accept login (and registration) via various social networking sites to save users form having yet another set of login  credentials for this site. 

So currently glyphs prompting login via Google Facebook etc may well appaear but not work until I have the configuration correct.

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