Increasing the length of a number fron 10 to 16

I have created a matix of hexigons or Tampa that numbers in the millions.  Each has an identifying number defined by a distance from a center point.  for example 26733.8887760666.  If not a neighbor the number would be 26733.8887761072.  They differ in the last five digets.  Is there some way to get around this.  Because Simile doesn't upload the last five digets I get 12 instead of 6 neighbors.

Attempting to set up login by reference to social networing sites

 I am at present attempting to configure the web site to accept login (and registration) via various social networking sites to save users form having yet another set of login  credentials for this site. 

So currently glyphs prompting login via Google Facebook etc may well appaear but not work until I have the configuration correct.

Model catalogue (repository ) revamp

A security update of the website software (Drupal) has left our ad-hoc model catalogue code broken. (The code originates from before our use of Drupal to manage the rest of the site.)

ModelMaker to Simile conversion basic elements

I have been working on converting ModelMaker (  version 4 models (*.mod) to Simile version 5.9.

ModelMaker compartments, variables, defines and parameters now seem to be handled. Events and tables are not yet handled.

First meeting of Steemi,the Student Ecological and Environmental Modelling Initiative on Tuesday 7th February 2012

The first meeting of STEEMI, the Student Ecological and Environmental Modelling Initiative took place on Tuesday 7th February 2012.  I met up with four students studying for a BSc in Ecological Science at the University of Edinburgh, and we discussed the value of models within ecology, and the potential to improve the practice of modelling.

Ecological and environmental models are a vital tool for capturing our understanding of complex human/nature systems, and for exploring possible futures in the face of unprecedented global challenges.

Unable to compile and cannot reopen the file.

I'm using 64bit5.9 - I had reached a point in my modeling effort where I had wanted to compile the model.  I hade been working on it for a couple of days and had saved it several times including today. When I hit ht ecompile button a messages came up after a bit saying that the prolog was overextended or something of that nature.  Before I could get more details the screen went blank.  When I try to reopen the file sends a message that it cannot find some script and when i hit OK it trys to convert the 64bit 5.9 file from 5.0. Like it thinks it is 5.0.

R project plugin for model execution released

It is now possible to load, parameterize, execute and interrogate a previously saved Simile model within an R language script.
The interface package for doing so is available via The Comprehensive R Archive Network ( by the name Simile. Current version is 1.1. It is compatible with all Simile platforms, and requires Simile version 5.8 or later.

Rerunning PEST without having to close and upload a model.

When I run PEST and I get an error and then try to run PEST again the old current PHI will not go away umless I close the model and start over.  Is there a better way? 5.9

Simile teaching version: creating compartment error


I've been using Simile to teach undergraduates ecological modelling for the last couple of years, and in general they very much like the software.

I have just notice that the teaching version installed on the university network no longer works.

I have tried to downoad the latest version (5.9). This version does install, but when I use it to create a compartment there is an error 


Simile encountered an unexpected problem:

wrong # args: "Put Text w ptz tagSet fatness specials colourScheme capt"


5.9 upgrade works for my smaller models but doesn't for large models.

When 5.9 is trying to upload the parameter files it does not recognize the presence of a lot of the paramers.  It says that the parameters are not part of the model and do you want ignore them.  Are others having this same problem.  I found this problem for both the 32 and 64 bit versions on sewperate computers.

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