Simile changes symbol sizes in main diagram model when creating a submodel for plug and play


In Simile v6.1 when I open a submodel from a main model in order tu create a plug and play submodel, inmediatly the symbols (boxes, flows, variables and arrows) change in size (i.e. they become too small) in the submodel at the main model window. I noticed a change in the relative size (as seen in the advanced properties window). When I change the relative size option to 1, symbols grown but in a messy way.


Mauricio Jerez

Polygon helper fixing


I have an issue with the Polygon diagram helper, that does not work in version 6. We try using it with Roelof Boumans for MIMES model. He said he had the same issue with version 5 and fixed it, but his correction does not work in 6 anymore. Could you fix it at some point? If yes, do you need I provide you some data or anything else? Don't hesitate. Here is the error message I get:

Test issue topic to test whether it is included in lists

Test issue topic to test whether it is included in lists.

Assigned is not required (denoted by a star) so the value left at the default of anassigned.

Starred parameter Version left as <none>.

Starred parameter Component  left as <none>.

Though a red notice appeared at the top after the only possible action of Preview after creating th topic

Simile 6.1

Release notes

Simile version 6.1 released 20th December 2013 

Simile 5.96

Release notes

Simile v5.96 Released

Simile 6.0



I am Benedetto Rugani from CRP Henri Tudor in Luxembourg. We recently bought 2 licenses for Simile v6.x (1 Standard and 1 Enterprise). Since 2 people are going to use it here, we wanted to know if we can install Simile on two computers with these licenses, or if we should install it on our server, so they can both have access?

I thank you in advance and wait to hear from you soon.



license key

I moved this request offline.

Thank you.

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