How to run Simile 5.8 under Linux: documentation

Sorry to say, the README is out of date. To start the program, execute Simile/System/bin/simile -- or if you have downloaded the 64-bit version, Simile/System64/bin/simile
The change was made to allow the 32 and 64 bit versions to be installed in the same directory. I'll get the README updated now.

OS signal: 11 (SIGSEGV) when trying to run or compile

I recently added a few new parameters trying to create a submodel to take my daily data output and convert it to average monthly.  During this effort a problem with the model popped up and I don't seem to be able to fix it or what the signal means. help.  My file is to big to attach.

Upload of data and the start up of Simile models

There are two Issues I like to report on:

1)  With the instalation of the new release of the 5.8 Simile version my models are no longer starting up just clicking on their icons.  The have to be started from the "open" command from an untitele (or already opened) model.

2)  On loading data using the parameter window:

XML export unable to connect to web service

XML export unable to connect to web service


This affected the first release of Simile 5.8 on Mac and 32 bit Linux.

Error message,

The web access command returned the following exception: "invalid command name "::http::geturl""

The Simile 5.8 versions available for download have been fixed. If your installation is affected by this problem please download Simile 5.8 again and reinstall.

update Simile 5.6 to Simile 5.8

I'd like to know how to update from my Simile 5.6 license purchased last year to new version Simile 5.8

Simile 5.8

Addition of 64-bit versions for Windows and Linux

Simile 5.7.4

Patch release for Simile 5.7.

(The version number of your currently installed Simile is to be found in the "About" box, to be found by choosing "About" from the "Help" menu .)

Simile 5.7

Simile 5.7 17th August 2010.

Release notes.

Simile 5.6

Simile 5.6 released on 22nd December 2009.

Release notes.

Simile 5.5

Simile 5.5 released on 21st August 2009

Release notes

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