Error in Execution of Polygon Diagram when running model under configuration

After loading a configuration, maps were not showing up as programmed to (working with Roel Boumans' MIMES). I attempted to add a polygon diagram and got the message below.

Note: I am running Simile 6.0 while Roel built MIMES on 5.96. This may be a version issue.


hexagon grids identifying neighbors. Try this procedure.

I currently am working on a large sea grass model of Tampa Bay. The Bay is divided into ten sections with about 50,000 to 150,000 grid cells for each section.

Systo - a lightweight approach for browser-based modelling

Systo is a novel approach for supporting dynamic systems modelling in web pages.

trying to execute model saved under extended version 5.9x using the evaluation edition 6.0

Jasper Jonathan,

I am in New Zealand again.  Next week, I have need for people to run my models using the evaluation edition.  I am trying this out and getting the following bug report.  Is there a way I can have access to the 5.9 evaluation edition? or can this be fixed in time?

The model now exisits on a google.svn site:



The compiler raised a problem with the code generated for this model.

trouble moving elements on the diagrams versions 5.96 and 6.0


Sometimes when trying to move elements (variables, arrows, submodels) in simile, it happens that arrows disconnect from the elements, i.e. I move the variable to other place in the diagram, but the arrow won´t move, so the variable gets disconnected from the arrow. Sometimes, a move a submodel, but variables within it do not move with the submodel.  It´s like the program is not refreshing the screen when I make some modifications to the diagrams. How can I solve this problem?



Validation error

Hello, I tried to log in and received a validation error. I'd like to download the latest version. This is urgent, as I am working with Roel Boumans today and I get error messages on the same model that he doesn't and we're hoping this is due to working in a different version. Thanks, Marjan





Install Teaching version in lab


My IT person is installing SIMILE teaching version on the lab and it requests license code. What should we enter? As the server upgrade is being done this week, they wanted an answer asap. Hope you could help.

Timothy Randhir

University of Massachusetts

NHS Scotland MRSA Screening Pathfinder Programme Interim Report

NHS Scotland MRSA Screening Pathfinder Programme Interim Report, , NHS Scotland MRSA Screening Pathfinder Programme, Number 1, (2009)
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