Evaluation edition for Windows needs licence code

Thanks to a change in our installation builder, the evaluation edition requests a licence code during install. It doesn't actually need one, but you have to type something into the box to get to the next installation step.

XML export


Just dowloaded the 5.7 and tried to export a model in XML

Did not work here is the report



64 bit operating system with Windows 7

Will Simile run on such a system? If not can you kake it run on such a system.  My models are getting realy big and data hogs.

unable to extract files - Simile 5.7 evaluation Linux-x86

 Dear friends,

I've downloaded several times this version, but I keep getting this error:



gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file

tar: Unexpected EOF in archive

tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit. Any advice?
Thanks in advance.
A. Mendez


Working with model diagrams : Preferences : Content

Preferences dialogue box : "Content" settings


Simile v5.7 Released

Simile verion 5.7 was released on 17th August 2010. We have made Simile more beautiful in a number of ways, but there are serious improvements to functionality too...

Built-in functions : in_preceding function

in_preceding function -- new in Simile v5.7

Usage: in_preceding(expression of any type) returns that type

Definition: Used in a multi-instance submodel, returns the value of the argument expression  as it would be in the preceding instance of that submodel, or 0 or "false" in the first instance. The argument can include the function prev(0) to refer to the value in the previous submodel instance of the component in whose equation the in_preceding() function appears.

Korean reseller agreement

For customers in Korea out exclusive redistributor is Decision Science with a "Koreanised" version of Simile with translated menus, dialogue boxes, messages and help. Decision Science

maximum lines in a table()

I've a student attempting an analysis of spatial interactions between trees, using a total of 20636 observations. This causes some problems. You can see for yourself by creating a csv file with 20636 random numbers, and attempting to read them into a variable with the table feature. Is there a limit on the size of tables - or a work around this challenge? Simile 5.6 on WinXP.



Make resizing large submodel windows easier

 [introduction cut] I find it is very difficult to click on the outline of the submodel accurately enough to be able to resize the window. I have tried snapping to grid which helps a little, but it is still a bit intermittent. It would be nice if this were made slightly easier in future releases (or is there an option box somewhere to type in the height and width of the box?)

Submitted by Jonathanm for wookie from http://www.simulistics.com/forum/graph-functions .

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