Simile 5.7

Simile 5.7 17th August 2010.

Release notes.

Simile 5.6

Simile 5.6 released on 22nd December 2009.

Release notes.

Simile 5.5

Simile 5.5 released on 21st August 2009

Release notes

Simile 4.9

Simile 4.9 Released 29 June 2007

Release notes core 0.0.3

dummy 3 core 0.0.1-dummy

dummy2 core 0.0-Dummy test

Dummy, nothing to do with website, testing release mechanism

Running models : diagnostic dialogues

Running models: diagnostic dialogues

The point at which you attempt to run a newly built model is where you are most likely to encounter failures due to incompleteness or inconsistencies in the model's definition. You should not give up at this point; a bit of attention to the messages will enable the problems to be fixed.

The first dialogue that appears will have an outline description of the problem, and only two buttons. Depending on the nature of the problem, these can be:

Built-in functions: in_progenitor function

in_progenitor function -- new in Simile v5.8

Usage: in_progenitor(expression of any type) returns that type

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