Program will not open files.

Prolog process exited "Probable erroe: overflow stack reached: 4768842 kb- fixed size" and and three others.


Application error: can not find channel named "file34b2910"

I am at a stand still.

Simile version 6.1 released

Simile version 6.1 released

This minor version adds some useful new functionality to Simile v6. Note: a patch release was made on 7th February 2014 correcting a few problems identified after the release.

Cannot navigate to this page in

The page with this issue can be reached by clicking on the link included in the email sent to suppoprt staff plus contributors, but there is no way I can get to it using links in the website -- except presumably by going to the creator's (in this case my) homepage and checking their content. I would like to be able to see a list of all open issues.

Error in Execution of Polygon Diagram when running model under configuration

After loading a configuration, maps were not showing up as programmed to (working with Roel Boumans' MIMES). I attempted to add a polygon diagram and got the message below.

Note: I am running Simile 6.0 while Roel built MIMES on 5.96. This may be a version issue.


hexagon grids identifying neighbors. Try this procedure.

I currently am working on a large sea grass model of Tampa Bay. The Bay is divided into ten sections with about 50,000 to 150,000 grid cells for each section.

Systo - a lightweight approach for browser-based modelling

Systo is a novel approach for supporting dynamic systems modelling in web pages.

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