Rerunning PEST without having to close and upload a model.

When I run PEST and I get an error and then try to run PEST again the old current PHI will not go away umless I close the model and start over.  Is there a better way? 5.9

Simile teaching version: creating compartment error


I've been using Simile to teach undergraduates ecological modelling for the last couple of years, and in general they very much like the software.

I have just notice that the teaching version installed on the university network no longer works.

I have tried to downoad the latest version (5.9). This version does install, but when I use it to create a compartment there is an error 


Simile encountered an unexpected problem:

wrong # args: "Put Text w ptz tagSet fatness specials colourScheme capt"


5.9 upgrade works for my smaller models but doesn't for large models.

When 5.9 is trying to upload the parameter files it does not recognize the presence of a lot of the paramers.  It says that the parameters are not part of the model and do you want ignore them.  Are others having this same problem.  I found this problem for both the 32 and 64 bit versions on sewperate computers.

Unable to start Simile 6.0 Evaulation Edition


I am a licensed user for Simile (41f6132f, last two digits of license removed, DR H PALIKE), but are unable to get Simile 5.8 started. In addition, it seems that my account (hp201) is not associated with my license.


When I start Simile on MacOS 10.7.2 (on my laptop only), I get an error message as follows:

"Simile encountered an unexpected problem: can't read "userinfo(name)": no such element in array"

and under "more info":

Simile encountered an unexpected problem:

Simile v5.9 released

Simile v5.9 is a maintenance release, providing incremental improvements to many existing features and fixing some problems that have come up.

Application will not open

The application is not opening on my computer. I was registered last year (november 2010) and have not really used it since. Please can you let me know what I can do to open the application.

Thank you

Error message is:

Porting Simile model from 5.4p2 to 58


I've been trying to port a large model developed in Simile 5.4p2 to a client installation running 5.8.  The model makes extensive use of sub-models with a variable number of instances, defined at compile time by enums. 

When I load the model into Simile 5.8 and Run, the model compilation fails because it cannot interpret a line of C++ code reported as "double[14] double" - seems fair, thats not valid C++ as I understand it. (one of the enum types has 14 values, incidentally).

Error messages

Some time back I was working with my 64 bit version and it shut itself down and I was unable to get it to open the model again.  So I switched over to the 32 bit and after several tries the modle was revived.  Recently I started getting error messages again.  one said that I might want to try to debug.  I hit the OK. The part of my model that converted daily data to monthly averages was horribly modified.

Simile listed on Mac Informer

Simile 5.8 is now listed on at Mac Informer, a system maintenance tool for the Mac.

Default location for Simile Data files



Is it possible to change the default location for Simile 5.6 Example File Location as it is currently generating the following error for us:

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