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I recently bought two licences (on last April) for Simile and have successfully installed them in our company remote server. But this link does not work anymore, and I had to re-install again Simile in my own PC.

Nevertheless, now I'm facing access problems to the application (when I open Simile after the installation), both with standard and enterprise licences.

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance,


Simile 6.3

Release notes

Simile version 6.3 released 21st Oct 2014

Simile 6.2

Release notes

Simile version 6.2 released September 2014

Loading the simulation interface when double-clicking a Simile model file

Dear Jasper,

As you intend to fix the issues pointed out by Thibault in a new release, let me mention another annoying long-lasting problem with Simile 6.x on Windows platform.

When opening a Simile model by double-clicking on the sml file (saved from the Standard or the Enterprise version together with a shf file), it is necessary to choose File-Open and then Cancel to open the simulation interface window, which is not opened automatically as expected (or when launching Simile first and then opening the model).

Could you please also fix this bug?



I would like to point out a quite uncoMfortable bug with the exponent:

Writing an exponent in a formula with '^' turn systematically Simile off.

Is there a reason for this shortcut to close Simile ?

Thank you for that,

Thibault M.

Submodel defined with "Rectangular grid" instance


I would like to report a bug about the new submodel option of the sixth version of Simile. The software (or I) can not manage to define without bugging a submodel with new option "Rectangular grid" and the index option "column_id()" and "row_id()". Each time (on different models) I defined a rectangular grid of several patches referred by two variables row=row_id() and col=column_id() my simile file bugs:

Simile version 6.3 Released

The latest Simile is now version 6.3. This is a maintenance release that corrects some issues with earlier releases and also adds to existing functionality making it more useful.

Simile 6.2 and Windows XP

I used to install the Evaluation version in our student classrooms on computers with Windows XP. Last year it was OK with v6.0 but Simile v6.2 Evaluation now quits when launching after displaying a long and obscure error message...

Is the new version still compatible with Windows XP? If not, can you provide me with a compatible version? If yes, what van we do to fix the problem?

Thanks for your quick answer.


Upgrading from v5.3

I am an occasional user of simile and have just replaced my lapptop so was looking to reload simile. The last version that I downloaded was in v5 2012. Does my purchase of v5 allow me to download the newer v6.2?

My user name is Craig Barton





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