Simile v6.0 Released

Simile v6.0 Released

The new major release of Simile enhances the capabilities of the tool
by allowing discrete events to be included in simulations. These are
implemented by a new set of symbols which integrate seamlessly with
the system-dynamic and object/agent-based functionality.

R language interface version 1.2 released

The R Language Interface makes it possible to load, parameterize, execute and interrogate a previously saved Simile model within an R language script.

Installing Simile 5.96 on Windows 7 (Could not access VBScript)

 I've been installing the teaching edition of Simile 5.96 on my student's laptops.

On a couple of machines the install has failed with the error "Could not access VBScript runtime for custom action".

Would you be able to suggest how I could install Simile on these machines?



Copy diagram and graphs on a Mac: Is it OK in 5.96?

The copy diagram doesn't seem to allow you to paste a diagram into word on a mac in Simile v5.9.

the same problem trying to copy a graph from the execution window.

Is there a know solution for this, other than using grab to copy the content on the screen?


Simile v5.96 Released

This is a maintenance release in the Simile v5.x series. It fixes several dozen problems with performance and usability in previous versions. It is the first release in the 5.x series that will be able to load models saved by Simile 6.0 and higher provided they do not use any of the special features that will be added in that version. All users of Simile v5.x should download and install this release.

User defined functions: user defined macros: Enviromental functions

Over the years I have been building a library of environmental functions (in the form of a text file usable by Simile ( This library is useful, in the main, in plant ecophysiology. To use this file save it without the .txt at the end of the name in you user functions directory ("My Documents\My Simile Files\Functions" on Windows).


Does the PEST tool you incorporated in Silime us regularization and does the sensitivity component use SENSAN?

Optimizing model output using the R project Simile package

Based on the Optimizing model output example using SimileScripting and the Tcllib optimization package math::optimize this post is abo

Simile 5.94

  Simile v5.94 released 13/03/2012 


Simile 5.9

simile-v59-released 29/08/2011 

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