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Our vision

Imagine if...


  • you could build a model without having to learn programming, with no restrictions on what you could put into the model
  • models could be built in a fraction of the time currently required
  • you could run the same model on various platforms, even parallel computers
  • models could be seamlessly integrated with GIS
  • you could customise the types of displays used for visualising model behaviour
  • you could automatically generate a description for any model in a variety of formats and level of detail
  • you could share models with other people as easily as you can now share Word documents
  • you could search the internet for models just like you can now search for web pages
  • you could insert any model as a submodel in some larger model
  • you could download any model you wanted by clicking on a link in a web page
  • you could extract a submodel from a larger model, and run it as a stand-alone model

You can do all of these things with Simile, and more! And there's more to come...

  • you will be able to edit or run any model you find in your web browser
  • you will be able to query the structure of a model, just like you can query a database
  • you will be able to link model variables to data sets using metadata
  • you will be able to attach hyperlinks to any part of a model, taking a user to pages anywhere on the internet describing its biological or mathematical basis