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Simile version 6.9 released

Changes since v6.8:


  • Database access has now been completely overhauled. This means that model parameters can be read from a MySQL database in Linux, and reading them from an ODBC source such as .xls works in 64-bit Windows. .xlsb, .xlsm and .xlsx formats can also be used, and the data logger tool can write to any of these in Windows and to MySQL in Linux
  • New 'order' function allows arrays to be sorted efficiently
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Execute Simile models in a Web Browser

SimiLive is here!

We are pleased to announce the availability of SimiLive, our new web-based model execution service. With SimiLive you can:

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Simile v5.9 released

Simile v5.9 is a maintenance release, providing incremental improvements to many existing features and fixing some problems that have come up.

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