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Simile version 6.10 released

Simile version 6.10 was released on June 11th 2019.

Changes since v6.9:


  • General:
    • Simile now works well on displays with super-high pixel density (4k and above), scaling its fonts, graphics and other metrics when the DPI setting for the desktop is changed. Except on Windows 10, where we are still struggling to make improvements.
    • You can now associate sounds with model events using a new multimedia display tool
  • Popups:
  • Dialogues:
    • More flexible editor for colour legends in display tools -- can load/save .rgb files
    • Access to system font selector to choose any font for component captions
    • 3-D shapes and 2-D layers can now mix model data with constants arbitrarily to specify positions, sizes, colours
    • Log messages for limit events or compartment values going out of range now include indices of the relevant instance
    • Search will indicate location of matching components even if they are currently hidden
    • 'Play' button looks different to indicate when model is running in debug mode
  • Model building

Bug fixes:

  • Things that work better:
    • No longer asks you if you want to save the model when leaving if you haven't edited it
    • Snapshot tool can show data from a model that has paused due to a problem (showing red LED)
    • Several sequences of actions that left 'floaters' on the model diagram have been fixed not to do this
    • 'Use/Find elsewhere' dialogues for correcting execution setup after editing model now include top level as well as submodels
    • R interface now uses actual Simile edition, so no problems using it for large models if you have Standard
    • R interface now works a lot faster for large models
    • Label field in slider or file parameter table now always wide enough to show whole caption
    • .csv files with quotes around numerical data items, or commas inside quoted fields
    • Trailing zeros eliminated from slider ticks
    • Plug-and-play mechanism now works when submodel interface includes squirts
    • Customization now works for all components including those from discrete-event paradigm
    • Emptying a submodel can be undone (refilling it)
    • Having lots of sliders up doesn't slow model execution as much as it used to
  • Actions that no longer cause hangs or crashes:
    • Running the model while it is already running but stuck in a long operation
    • Re-running a running model after adding a new fixed parameter
    • Hitting 'del' key when last submodel to have focus has no highlit components but there are some elsewhere
    • Crossing the border of an enumerated-type dimensioned submodel with a flow or squirt
  • Actions that no longer result in cryptic error messages:
    • Showing a value of NaN in a popup when number format set to something other than default
    • Defining file column sources for many fixed parameters one after another
    • Loading data from a spreadsheet page with a space in its name
    • Using 'New' to delete contents of a variable-membership submodel with links to/from outside
    • Trying to save a model including image items, if saving canvas description is selected in preferences
    • Quick drags

Version-specific changes:

  • Mac version:
    • HiDPI displays now supported
    • Problems with fullscreen windows (e.g., mouse clicks offset from cursor) now fixed
    • Popup menus etc will now appear in right place on any screen of multi-screen setup
  • Linux version:
    • New arm64 version
    • armhf version now more likely to work

Download Simile v6.10 now!

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