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Bug report creation broken

If you try to create a bug report by going create content -> bug report, the content does not appear to be saved. I created this page by going create content -> Issue and selecting bug report as the category.

Bug report
Wed, 20/12/2017 - 08:48
Wed, 20/12/2017 - 08:48


Actually the bug reports are created, but they are not listed in recent posts and no email notifications about them are sent, so the only way to see them is to enter the default URL that is generated for them when they are created.

They can in fact be seen by going Administer -> Content. Also the reason they are not appearing in the regular places or generating emails appears to be that they are not published by default -- this could be changed in the 'content types' page.

Would be nice to get emails on new topics, or changes to those I've contributed to

Well I got one about that last post, how about you?

Nope, nothing...apparently Google mail tries to use IPv6 which means a lot of things get bounced because senders aren't authenticated properly in IPv6

OK, I've now set up an AAAA record on our domain name registrar to point to the host's IPv6 address, and a PTR record on our web host to point from the IPv6 address back to the domain name (mirroring what we already have for IPv4)...has that done the trick?

Hold on, it might have been me -- it looked like my notification settings weren't set to report follow-ups

Just posting again so you can see if this is fixed

I assume it's still throrughly broken then.

...still not sure I have this set up right!

OK, I think I see what's going can set your notifications to 'none', 'own issues' or 'all'. Unfortunately, new users are set to 'none' by default, which is probably not what they're expecting. Also, if you set it to 'own issues' like you did, you'll be notified of follow-ups to threads you started yourself, but not of follow-ups to comments you made on other people's threads. If you set it to 'all', you get emailed about any comment made on any thread on the whole site (Hi guys! Getting bored of this yet?)

Will see if there's a way to get emails for comments on all threads that you have had some input to, as this seems the sensible option.

I did get an email about that last post -- and I only have 'own issues' set! So it must be notifying about follow-ups after all. Guess you just have to change the default settings for new users then.