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Draft templates

Content page for the submodel templates that Robert, Mark and Jonathan will make for the 29th Feb.

Overlap with tips and tricks

There is a lot of overlap with Tips and tricks that we will try to sort out at the meeting Wednesday 27 Feb.

We decided that Tips and tricks (How to) should refer to a template if available

Models should be in version 4.

I've used version 5 so far so should redo them [jonthanm].

Template to be a fragment but some need working examples

The actual template should probably be a fragment

Robert wrote:

My approach is based on instantiating only those parts of the template which are critical to its functioning.   All other bits are left red.  This is a signal to the user, so they can see which bits they ned to tie in to their own model.

I think there is a separate issue about having a working example for each template, but I think that the template itself should oblige the user to instantiate non-template parts.

Complex templates should have a full working example as users will probably have to play with a working example to be able to use the template, e.g. ABM templates.



Can we re-design this area so that it looks like it will look when the web site goes public?

I propose that the front page for templates is kept short, with links to:

  • about the Simile template mechanism;
  • how to work with templates;
  • the template catalogue.

The template catalogue should be a table built up automatically by harvesting information from the template pages (if this is possible), or manual editing (if not).

The discussion which is currently on the front page should then be hived off to an internal discussion area.