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SimileWeb: reality or just an idea?

In the 'Simile at a glance' page of the website I can read about a web-based simulation service.

Is it just an idea, or there is something already developed?



The web simulation service is in development. Currently there's nothing that we can point you to, but we plan to have something within next 3 months. We will notify you about  launch dates.

Progress has been made with thge web simulation service. SimileWeb ( is a browser-based tool for running and displaying Simile models. It should work fine in recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari (and maybe Opera), and we recommend that you use one of these browsers.    It doesn't work in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 yet, but should work in these browsers in the future. However, when it does, it is likely to be very slow since IE does not currently have very good support for Javascript and HTML5/canvas, which is what SimileWeb uses.   This should improve dramatically when IE 9 is stable.   There may still be layout issues - try making your browser window wider if the tabbed panels are below the left-hand panel. 

At the moment, it only contains LINTUL (2 versions, both work but only 'lintul_fixed_params' lets you change parameter values).   The LINTUL model page shows a run control panel top left, and a model explorer (hierarchical listing of model variables) bottom left.   This can be used to select/deselect output variables (though by default all state variables are selected), an ditto set values for input parameters.   You run the model by clicking on the Start triangle at the very top left. Nothing appears to happen, but click the 'Table', 'Graph' or 'Individual graphs' tabs and you should see some output. 

PLEASE BEAR IN MIND that this is a very early version, and this is the first time that others have been asked to use it.  We have a list of forthcoming improvements, which we list here to avoid several people suggesting them.   Any other comments are, of course, welcome.

Planned improvements:
1. Allow selection/deselection of groups of variables (stocks, flows and intermediate variables), with a checkbox for each group. Currently this only works for stocks.
2. Sorting of variables by type and alphabetically, in the model explorer and the equation listing.
3. Ability to select one from a collection of Simile Parameter Files for each model (this will be an additional tab).   So users will quickly be able to change model inputs (parameter values, time-series inputs, etc).
4. Display previous run(s) on Individual Graphs, for comparison (probably will be limited to just the most recent previous run, to avoid confusion).