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Water Management/Hydrology


The Centre for Water Systems (CWS) at the University of Exeter has been using Simile within the international researchproject, AquaStress. AquaStress is a European Community Framework 6 Integrated Project on the Mitigation of Water Stress through new Approaches to Integrating Management, Technical, Economic and Institutional Instruments.

One of the most important requirements for this project has been the "bottom-up" participatory approach to case studies, at all stages, starting from the definition of the case studies. This is the main reason we chose System Dynamics Modelling (SDM), as a tool for system modelling. Out of the different software packages available, we selected Simile for quantitative (numerical) modelling, mainly for two reasons: (a) the ability to host submodels and (b) the easy input/output process through EXCEL files.>


 Documents and models


Advanced Topics in Wet-Weather Discharge Control

This report discusses four related but generally independent wet-weather flow (WWF) topic areas, namely: i) opportunities for advanced practices in WWF control technology, particularly as it applies to sewered systems; ii) tradeoffs between storage facilities (tanks) and enlarged trunk sewers (tunnels) in CSO control; iii) disinfection/sedimentation tradeoffs in primary treatment; and iv) routing methods for indicator bacteria analysis in stormwater. []