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Simile version 6.5 Released

This version has two main purposes:

  • To add features that will be useful for SimiLive
  • ​Fix some issues that have come up recently with the Mac version.


On the SimLive front, any kind of numerical data can now be saved as part of the parameter metafile, including data that specifies a pre-record submodel. This means that if you have 'ragged-right' data such as lists of polygon vertices, this can be used to set up a display in SimiLive. There are a couple of examples in our demos. 

SimiLive's display tool arsenal includes a 3-D shape viewer based on WebGL, allowing model data to be visualized as various shapes in 3-D space. This Simile release includes an equivalent helper, which isn't as pretty as the SimiLive one but it serves the purpose of allowing 3-D display setups to be created and saved for upload to SimiLive.

Mac Version

As for the Mac version, we recently found that under Yosemite, when 2-D arrays of data were extracted from models, the rows and columns were transposed, and extracting from non-square arrays could cause a crash. The models executed OK, it was only reporting values from arrays that caused problems. In this release we have altered Simile's code generation to fix the problem.

Also on the Mac front, some menu entries were getting disabled after dialogue boxes had been displayed. The new version hides the main menu while dialogue boxes are up, and restores it when they complete -- and this seems to preserve the normal/disabled status of the entries.

And as usual, a selection of minor bugs and annoyances have been fixed.

Download Simile v6.5 Now!


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