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Simile version 6.3 Released

The latest Simile is now version 6.3. This is a maintenance release that corrects some issues with earlier releases and also adds to existing functionality making it more useful.

  • With units checking enabled, it is now possible to add, subtract, compare or combine quantities with the same physical dimensions even if their units are different. If the result has the same dimensions its default units will be those of the first argument.
  • There was a memory leak which occurred when a model was repeatedly rebuilt and executed. For models with large numbers of submodel instances, this could limit the number of times a model could be edited and rebuilt during a session. This has been fixed.
  • Thanks to a compiler upgrade, Simile 6.2 32-bit would not execute on Windows XP or earlier. A further compiler upgrade has corrected this.
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements

Please note that while we make every effort to test new versions of Simile before releasing, there are only so many combinations of hardware, software and model that we can try out, so we rely on users to draw our attention to any problems they experience!

    -- The Simulistics Team

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