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Simile v6.0 patched to p2

This is the first patch release of Simile v6.0 (there was no p1). To install it, repeat your original download/install procedure.

Issues fixed:

  • Compilation failure if you had a population submodel called 'whatever' and something else at the same level called 'whatevercount' or 'whatevermeta'
  • Windows version crashed if you used 'computer' icon when choosing where to save a file. This was a problem with the included TclTk software, which has been updated to a later version where it is fixed
  • "Data from File" dialogue failed to appear for a built-in table or a search for enumerated-type values, producing an error message.
  • Diagram-defined functions could not be used if their functors contained uppercase letters
  • Diagram-defined functions could not be used in flow equations, causing a compiler error message
  • Flows and squirts passing through multiple submodels had 'ghost' taps on sections remote from their real taps -- this will ultimately be a feature allowing values to be taken from a local section in a plug-and-play component, but is not ready yet so has been turned off
  • Dragging a submodel border to change its shape then 'undo'ing that action left the internal sections of links displayed in the wrong place, and
  • Models could not be built if a squirt was used with its target in a different submodel than one of the end compartments

Please let us know if we missed anything.



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