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Smile v6.8 is unable to overwrite the registry

Hello everyone,

I wanted to install Smile64 v6.8. The first time I did it, I accidently put wrong info about who to register it to.

When you deinstall and install again, and put the correct info (Name, Insitution, Key), Smile still thinks the program is registered to the name that I put during the first installation, and tells me "Warning: This product has expired", so I guess it is unable to overwrite the registry when you re-install it. I searched the registry and the AppData and deleted everything belonging to Smile there, but it doesn't work.


Does anyone know a solution?

I have Windows 10 64 bit btw.


Thanks in advance,



You should download the latest version (6.10) if you are reinstalling. This is available to anyone who purchased a v6 version.

I just tried reinstalling the current version with a different user and key, and it works OK.