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Integrating models into a single file

If you have a set of models saved separately, and you want to put them all together in a single file, there are two ways you can do it:

  1. Open each model in a separate window, then in one window click Edit -> Select all, then Edit -> Copy. Go to the window in which you are building the integrated model and click Edit -> Paste. (If there is not enough space in the window to paste the selection, Zoom Out to create some more.)
  2. Create a new model with an empty submodel for each component you want to integrate. Double click on a submodel boundary, and this will produce a new window showing the submodel contents (empty). In this window, click File -> Open and choose its component. Repeat for the other submodels. When all are loaded, you can keep the submodel boundaries, or delete them so the components all become part of the desktop.