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ODBC in Linux


I have a working Simile 6.9 running under Fedora 28 (specs at: this other post). The spiro example works fine, under Simile and under R.

I am working now with a project that reads a few xlsx files, that works fine under Windows, but the Fedora 28 install yields the following error:

This system does not appear to have an ODBC driver available for files with the extension ".xlsx".

Do you know how to overcome this ?



The problem here is that you need to install and register a backend driver to access .xlsx documents via ODBC. I have done this using a trial version of the cdata driver ( but it does not yet work in Simile because the driver does not include a list of file types it can handle in its specification string, and I suspect that may not be the only problem. I think there are other backends available though I'm pretty sure none of them are free.

I think your best bet for the time being might be to use a spreadsheet like LibreOffice Calc to convert your .xlsx data sources into  .csv files and load them instead.