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v6.7 not working on iMac running OS X El Capitan

I just installed v6.7 on my iMac. It did not ask for my name, institution, or license code. I filled these by hand in the userinfo.txt file. When I start the software, however, an opening screen comes up for a moment and then disappears. The program itself does not run. Any thoughts?

Thu, 29/09/2016 - 04:47
Mon, 17/10/2016 - 15:53


OK, perhaps you could help me by starting Simile from the command line and reporting any error message that is sent to the console? To do this, open a terminal, and type

cd "/Applications/Simile v6.7"


Simile should start, but if it fails you might see an error message appear in the terminal window. Please cut and paste this into an email to

Thanks for your help!


I have sent an email directly to with the error messages (the software started and then stopped). Just in case, here is what I included in the email:

% /Applications/Simile\ v6.7\ 

Error in startup script: child killed: illegal instruction

    while executing

"error $loss"

    ("while" body line 4)

    invoked from within

"while {![string match ready $spraf]} {

    incr vm_usage -16

    if {!$vm_usage} {

    error $loss



    set env(GLOBALSZ) [expr 512*$vm_usage]


    (file "../Run/prolog.tcl" line 128)

    invoked from within

"source ../Run/prolog.tcl"

    ("pipe" arm line 4)

    invoked from within

"switch $env(interfaceId) {

    pipe {

#    set whatCalled [file rootname [file tail [info nameofexecutable]]]

    source ../Run/toolbox.tcl

    source ../Run/p..."

    (file "/Applications/Simile v6.7" line 514)

    invoked from within

"source [file join [file dirname [file dirname [info script]]] \

               Run simile.tcl]"

    (file "/Applications/Simile v6.7" line 1)

child process exited abnormally




I managed to fix this problem in last week's session, and I've now uploaded a patched version (p5) incorporating the fix, which should run OK on all Macs with Snow Leopard or later. Have also fixed the other issues reported here (except for flushing the logger output mid-file which turned out to be tricky!)