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trying to execute model saved under extended version 5.9x using the evaluation edition 6.0

Jasper Jonathan,

I am in New Zealand again.  Next week, I have need for people to run my models using the evaluation edition.  I am trying this out and getting the following bug report.  Is there a way I can have access to the 5.9 evaluation edition? or can this be fixed in time?

The model now exisits on a google.svn site:



The compiler raised a problem with the code generated for this model.

It may help to try the 'Debug' option.

The error was:

H:\Documents\My Simile files\sim5374\IFS_Manawatu>set PATH=C:\Program Files\Simile6.0\System\bin

H:\Documents\My Simile files\sim5374\IFS_Manawatu>set PATH=C:\Program Files\Simile6.0\System\libexec\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2;C:\Program Files\Simile6.0\System\bin


H:\Documents\My Simile files\sim5374\IFS_Manawatu>copy "C:\Program Files\Simile6.0\System\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2\dllcrt*.o" .

C:\Program Files\Simile6.0\System\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2\dllcrt2.o

        1 file(s) copied.


H:\Documents\My Simile files\sim5374\IFS_Manawatu>copy "C:\Program Files\Simile6.0\System\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2\crt*.o" .

C:\Program Files\Simile6.0\System\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2\crtbegin.o

C:\Program Files\Simile6.0\System\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2\crtend.o

        2 file(s) copied.



H:\Documents\My Simile files\sim5374\IFS_Manawatu>g++ -Wno-trigraphs -c -o objtmp.o  -I"C:\PROGRA~1\Simile6.0\Run"  -I"C:\Program Files\Simile6.0\System\include\mingw"  -I"C:\Program Files\Simile6.0\System\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2\include" model.cpp


H:\Documents\My Simile files\sim5374\IFS_Manawatu>g++ -shared -o model3.dll  -L"C:\Program Files\Simile6.0\System\lib" -L"C:\Program Files\Simile6.0\System\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2" objtmp.o 

In file included from model.cpp:5283:

C:/PROGRA~1/Simile6.0/Run/support2.cpp: In member function `int InstanceOfModel::check_limit(double, double, double, int, int, int, diffs*)':

C:/PROGRA~1/Simile6.0/Run/support2.cpp:213: warning: converting to `int' from `double'.

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 22:59
Fri, 09/08/2013 - 08:43



This is actually happening due to the compiler bundled with the 32-bit Windows version being excessively fussy. I've now fixed the problem and will be uploading the fixed version in the next few minutes. If you download and re-install after that, it should work OK. Apologies for the inconvenience...


Just to confirm I've done that now.