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trouble moving elements on the diagrams versions 5.96 and 6.0


Sometimes when trying to move elements (variables, arrows, submodels) in simile, it happens that arrows disconnect from the elements, i.e. I move the variable to other place in the diagram, but the arrow won´t move, so the variable gets disconnected from the arrow. Sometimes, a move a submodel, but variables within it do not move with the submodel.  It´s like the program is not refreshing the screen when I make some modifications to the diagrams. How can I solve this problem?



Wed, 24/07/2013 - 17:20
Wed, 14/05/2014 - 21:44


Hi Mauricio,

When you have an element that doesn't follow a move as it should, is it possible to move that element directly by dragging it?


In parts of the diagram things work fine. In others, I can move the variabless but the arrows stay in the same place

The attached image shows the problem (hope you can see it).  For example, variables do not remain connected to arrows.  I can´t reorganize the elements in the diagram. Arrow remains in old place as if connected to the variables. I have found that hiding the arrows and unhiding them again sometimes solves the problem, but no consistently.


Sorry I can't see the diagram. Is there any possibility you could send the actual model to

Also, is this a model that you have edited in Simile v5.96 and v6.0? There may be a problem in the process of automatically converting for the differences in model format between the two versions.


I´ll send you the model.  I began building it in version 5.96 then updated it to version 6.0. Everything was working fine until yesterday. Also, yesterday I opened old simple example models and they had the same problem. So this appears to be a problem with  the software (Simile and Windows 7 compatibility?).

As for the Hardware, I am working in a Core -i3 64bits

Some of the graphics seem to have got out of step with the internal state. You can correct this by going View -> Show Detail and changing any of the settings. This redraws the graphics from the internal state. You can then change it back. After I did this, everything in the model seemed properly connected.

Currently the only action I know about that can cause this problem is "undo"ing certain move operations, but I do not know how arrows can become detached from influence variables like that. Do you have a version of the model where an arrow is attached, but where moving something causes it to become detached?


The model I sent you was showing the problem in the Carbon submodel (could you see the detached arrows? or everything appeared to be fine?). Even when I saved, closed, and opened simile again, arrows and variables remained detached. Anyway,  I opened the model again and did as you said, and things appear to be working properly again.  Certainly, when I was building the submodel, I tried to reorganize it by moving groups of variables simultaneously, and sometimes I un-did some move operations.  I´ll keep you informed if the problems show again.


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