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Simile encountered an unexpected problem: 6.7 v (Mac OSX 10.10.5)

I have earlier 6.5 v but it kept on closing down eveyr minute. Then downloaded 6.7 but it does not open, the message is below.

Can you please help me soon to work it out, I'm especially visiting an expert in US from Oz for the next 7 days to work on some models, and encountering this problem actually demeans my trip. I'll highly appreciate a quick response. Thanks Kamal


{invalid command name "similescript::ModelWindow"
    while executing
"similescript::ModelWindow $newInstance"
    (procedure "MakeDesktopNode" line 5)
    invoked from within
    invoked from within
"catch [join $args { }] retVal"} calling tk_menu('dummy',file,'new_toplevel').
{invalid command name "similescript::ModelWindow"


kamaljit sangha
Sat, 02/07/2016 - 17:26
Sun, 10/07/2016 - 17:53


Hi Kamaljit,

I'm afraid we haven't seen any problems like this before. We have seen occasional problems on Mac OSX 10.11 due to new security measures in the OS, but these are all fixed as far as I know, and in any case you are using 10.10. I can only think that something might have gone wrong during your download or installation. Could you perhaps try deleting Simile from your Mac and repeating the download and install? I'll be able to have a look at it myself on a machine running 10.10 tomorrow.

    -- Jasper

Have just tried the new release on osx 10.10 and found a problem with library paths that might be related to your error message. Don't bother downloading again until I get it sorted!


OK, we think we have fixed it now -- it's running OK on my Yosemite machine.

I've replaced the download with the new version -- please download and install it and let us know if all is well.

Sorry for having caused problems, hope it all works well now.


Many thanks Jasper, I uninstalled the two versions (as you suggested) and then reinstalled again. The new version is working except some some issues in executing the model. Working it out with Roel...will update you soon. Many thanks indeed for getting back to me on a weekend!! Regards Kamal




Thanks Jasper...have just donwloaded. I did write you a few emails yesterday about the type of issues/log files. I'm now testing this ...will be back shortly. Thank you Kamal






Jasper it didn't work (after downloading the new file that you may have included yesterday): when I execute the model, it says 9also sending it via email):

missing operand at _@_
in expression " _@_* -1"
missing operand at _@_
in expression " _@_* -1"
    (parsing expression " * -1")
    invoked from within
"expr $ttmp * -1"
    (procedure "DrawPolys" line 75)
    invoked from within
"DrawPolys $winId $useNodes($winId,xcoord)  $useNodes($winId,ycoord)  $node 1"
    (procedure "polygon375::click" line 34)
    invoked from within
"[KeyValue]::click $winId $node $caption"
    (object "::helper9" method "::similescript::OldStyleHelper::Click" body line 4)
    invoked from within
"::helper9 Click {/Shapefile attributes/Vertices/att}"
    ("eval" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"eval $inst $act $args"
    (procedure "SystemHelperCall" line 8)
    invoked from within
"SystemHelperCall $inst $topNode Click $useCapt"
    (procedure "ProdObj" line 12)
    invoked from within
"ProdObj [$inst GetNode] $node $caption"
    (procedure "ProdFromHelper" line 8)
    invoked from within
"ProdFromHelper $winId $node  [string range [GetCaptionPathFromId $node] $chop end]"
    (procedure "OnElementClick" line 4)
    invoked from within
"OnElementClick .mre4.mainpw.controlPane.panedwindow.explorerPane.variables.container 67 118"
    (in namespace inscope "::TileInspector0" script line 1)
    invoked from within
"::namespace inscope ::TileInspector0 {OnElementClick .mre4.mainpw.controlPane.panedwindow.explorerPane.variables.container 67 118}"
    (command bound to event) 


This error occurs when setting up the polygon display tool. It happens because you have chosen a set of components for the tool where the data point has as many values as the x and y coordinates. To set up the polygon tool, there should be one data point for each list of x and y coordinates, because each polygon is defined by lists of x and y values and a single data point to set its colour.

We will make sure that in the next release of Simile, the relative dimensions are checked and a more friendly message is produced if they do not match what is required by the display tool.