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Problems with plug and play submodels


I have been working with the plug and play example provided in help.

I created a file pandp1.sml with the original model (As sketched in the help, as the original files are not available). Then, I follow the steps indicated with the submodel soil. I save the model with the name pandp2. I make sure there is one arrow that is going out to growth from the compartment soil water and another one that is coming from the compartment plant biomass to transpiration.  Then I save the interface, open a new model (in the submodel window).  Then I get the submodel pandp3.sml (which I created by making a model similar to pandp1.sml, but using the new soil submodel (following the diagram) , and then saving the submodel  (I make sure that there is an arrow going out to Soil water, and another one coming to transpiration). The problem I find is that when I open this submodel in the secondary window, allways the arrow that is supposed to come to transpiration is missing.  When I load the interface, I cannot get the connection because the missed arrow. I tried the inverse process by building a model with the second submodel, and then following the same steps, I tried to substitute it with the first one. Again the arrow coming to transpiration is missing. I made sure that in both cases, when I saved submodel and interface, both arrows were present. 

Let me know what could be happening. Probably I am missing something.



Thu, 15/05/2014 - 00:37
Thu, 15/05/2014 - 00:37