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plug and play submodels (connecting arrow missing when opening submodels)


I have been working with the plug and play example provided in help.

I created a file pandp1.sml with the original model (As sketched in the help, as the original files are not available). Then, I follow the steps indicated with the submodel soil. I save the model with the name pandp2. I make sure there is one arrow that is going out to growth from the compartment soil water and another one that is coming from the compartment plant biomass to transpiration.  Then I save the interface, open a new model (in the submodel window).  Then I get the submodel pandp3.sml (which I created by making a model similar to pandp1.sml, but using the new soil submodel (following the diagram) , and then saving the submodel  (I make sure that there is an arrow going out to Soil water, and another one coming to transpiration). The problem I find is that when I open this submodel in the secondary window, allways the arrow that is supposed to come to transpiration is missing.  When I load the interface, I cannot get the connection because the missed arrow. I tried the inverse process by building a model with the second submodel, and then following the same steps, I tried to substitute it with the first one. Again the arrow coming to transpiration is missing. I made sure that in both cases, when I saved submodel and interface, both arrows were present. 

Let me know what could be happening. Probably I am missing something.



Mon, 19/05/2014 - 13:54
Sat, 07/06/2014 - 20:24


I just tried the example myself, and it worked OK although I did not see the influence arrow coming from the submodel border to the transpiration flow either. I used Simile 6.1. I exported the model declarations from the submodel, and there was a  variable listed called 'Plant biomass' although it did not appear on the diagram due to having no graphical data. You can also see this variable in the equation listing, though due to a bug I could not see anything else there!

You could try adding a variable called 'Plant biomass' and connecting it to the flow, and making it a variable parameter which should allow the plug-and-play system to treat it as an input and associate it with the external influence from 'Plant biomass'.

It also appears to me that the help pages on this feature are a bit of a mess. I shall try to get them re-written. Hope this helps.


I did as you said. But it worked only partially. Now I get the connection for the growth, but the soil water connection does not work. The water soil variable in the main model ramains disconnected as a variable parameter. I would appreciate if you send me the sml files. Maybe I am doing something wrong when drawing the diagrams.


OK, here are the files I created when I followed the example -- everything is red because I haven't yet put any equations in. Because of this, there is a warning message when setting up the interface after loading pandp2_soil into the soil submodel. When the warning appears, select 'see all' to complete the connection process. I shall try and fix the problem that the floating input parameter is not visible after the submodel is saved separately and reloaded.

I have changed the extension of the .isf file to be able to attach it here.


We have just made a new patch release of Simile (6.1p3) which fixes the problem I described earlier, of the incoming border links not appearing in a submodel that is saved independently of its parent. I have checked that the plug and play example in the help file works as described with this release. Please download and install it in place of your previous Simile and try it out.


Hi, I just checked my download page. The only file there is Simile v6x (date february 2014). I should have a file Simile 6.1p3, shouldn´t I?. Please let me know.



P.D. I cannot find how to attach files in this messenger! (I think I have done it before)

No, it's only a patch release -- it has the same name and everything, we've just replaced the file on the server. Download it as you did the last one.


I reinstalled Simile 6.1 with the fixed bug and ran the example files you sent me.

again when opening pandp_soil2, the row going to Transpiration is missing from the submodel.  When I loaded the interface to plug the submodel, in the main screen  I can see that everything is ok with

the main model connecting appropriately with the submodel; however I get the following error message:


Made a link of type influence from Soil water to Soil water, but it has properties [entry(any, ,in_hierarchy)] whereas in the interface specification it is [entry(1, ,in_hierarchy)]
Press "Help" to display a relevant page from Simile's documentation.

The only option I have then is to "give up"; then, the procedure cannot be completed.

The procedure I use is:

open main model

double click in submodel "Soil"

save submodel "soil"

save interface

click on new model

open pandp_soil2.sml

load interface

Here  is when the error appears and the procedure cannot be completed